Adding Value.
That’s what I set out to do every day with my blog and social media. It’s why I speak to thousands of people every year. It’s my reason for writing every one of my books. There is nothing I enjoy more than adding value to people – through my communication, giving them something they can take away and use to grow and make a difference.

My organizations are built around this idea, too. And one that’s doing a lot to add value in the world is my nonprofit, EQUIP. Earlier this month, I traveled to Guatemala with EQUIP to launch a new emphasis on Global Transformation. The trip was amazing, with thousands of leaders, pastors, influencers, and activists hearing this message of Transformational Leadership. 

This week, EQUIP is launching the world’s biggest relay to continue this emphasis on global transformation, one country, one community, at a time. The EQUIP World Relay™ is starting by  calling attention to the needs and opportunities for transformation that exist in the country of Guatemala. So beginning March 4, for 100 days, we will walk from Atlanta, Georgia, to Guatemala City, Guatemala.

Our Goals:

  • Bring together 5 million prayer partners.
  • Raise $1,000,000 for global transformation.
  • Equip and train leaders in the 7 key streams of influence in any society (Business, Government, Education, Media, Entertainment, Church and Family)
  • Highlight Guatemala and the work being done there by influential leaders
  • Rally communities everywhere to join us in the EQUIP World Relay™

If you would like to learn more about this wonderful effort, please click below. I’m excited about the ways the EQUIP World Relay™ will add value to an entire nation and launch an initiative for Global Transformation among leaders worldwide.

EQUIP World Relay

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