Well, the countdown has begun…

The final edits are complete, contributions from commenters have been added, and Everyone Communicates, Few Connect is currently at the printer.

If you remember the cover design from November, you may notice that it’s been modified just a little. After I previewed it, Justin Wise at BeDeviant.com pointed out its design similarity to the logo for a conference called Cultivate. That prompted us to revisit the design and modify it. The good news is that I think this new design is even better than the first. But of course, this does have an effect on exactly which photos made it onto the front. Fortunately, every contributor photo that we collected in the fall will be featured INSIDE cover no matter what.

On March 30, readers in the United States will find it in bookstores and online. It looks like it will be available in Europe and Asia (in English and Spanish) on the 28th of May.

(Also, Thomas Nelson is working with publishers around the globe to make it available in other languages. We’ll share information on translations as we receive it.)

For information and for links to preorder in the US, visit Thomas Nelson’s dedicated webpage.

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